From the emergent WELL Health and Safety Rating system adminitration to mature building energy optimization strategies, our services have been tailored to provide global teams access to best-in-class expertise to help any project achieve its goals.

Building Energy Optimization

Advise design teams on building envelope, mechanical, and electrical systems 
performance services.

Healthy Building Consulting

Identify strategies to increase occupant health and wellness in the built environment, including our own healthy building audit tailored to each projects custom needs.

WELL Performance Testing

Our team has been trained by IWBI to verify compliance with the WELL Building Standard.

Certification System Administration

Manage the entire certification process from start to finish for LEED, SITES, WELL, Health and Safety Rating (HSR), Fitwel, Living Building Challenge (LBC), Enterprise Green Communities, BREEAM, and Green Globes.

Energy Modeling

High performance buildings doin't have to be high-cost buildings. Our team has expertise in conducting early-phase energy simulation to cost-optimize energy efficiency goals.

Systems & Building Commissioning

Conduct independent system performance verification to ensure consistency with the Owner's Project Requirements, including Fundamental, Enhanced, Building Enclosure, and Monitoring-Based Cx services.

Daylight Simulation

Provide design simulation to inform the integration of daylight, electric lighting and controls. Useful in any phase within any phase of the design process.

Energy Incentive Coordination

Verify incentive qualifications and manage the utility documentation and application process.

Integrative Pre-Design

Answers the question, "What is the most good we can realistically accomplish with this project?" Our team will facilitate project budget optimization and stakeholder value maximization.

Product Assessment

Verify that products meet environmental, energy, and safety standards identified by clients.

Green Product Marketing

Guide manufacturers in aligning and presenting their products with standards of performance.

Certification Auditing

Provide in-depth experience based on our LEED and WELL Technical Review contracts with GBCI.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Analyze IAQ in new and existing buildings and assess against identified standards.

Energy Auditing

Assess existing building performance to identify timely opportunities for efficiency improvements.