Focus on the Planet: How B Corps Transition to Renewable Energy

Written By: B Corp Staff

“B Corps Use Solar Power, Other Energy Efficiencies as They Pursue Net Zero

“Did you know B Corps are twice as likely to use 100% renewable energy than a non-B Corp?”

For Certified B Corporations concerned with how their business affects people and the planet, transitioning to renewable energy sources can resonate deeply with their values. Measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is also a component of climate action in the proposed new standards for B Corp Certification. As part of B Corp Month this March, we asked several B Corps why they prioritized renewable energy, the steps they took to make the transition, and the results they’ve seen so far. . .”

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Catalyst Partners renovated a historic building with energy-efficient features including daylighting, natural ventilation, and a geothermal heating and cooling system.

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